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NOTE TO READER: As part of our desire to make a positive contribution to the communities where we live and do business, the co-founders of Next Horizon took on a very substantial project to coincide with the launch of our business. We have developed a communications plan to help make the South Florida region emerge as one of the world’s most important clusters in the life sciences industry. In the process of developing this plan, we spent significant time with leaders of academia, economic development, and business for their ideas. In November 2012 we developed a “final draft” of that plan. You can read the Executive Summary below. If you would like a copy of the complete report, please e-mail, or complete this form.


South Florida has the potential to become a world-class center of excellence for Life Sciences. That would bring significant benefits to the region and to Florida as a whole though increased high value jobs and economic activity.

However, in reality, the region is a long way from greatness. It is, as best, on the verge of greatness. What is more, if real excellence is to be achieved the members of its Life Science community must significantly improve their communication and cooperation and work to overcome the difficulties of distance. If the success of leading Life Science clusters around the United States, with which South Florida competes, is any indication, it is the level of collaboration that will make the difference between success and failure.

What the region needs is a concerted effort by all its community members to enhance its sense of community, to develop a brand that will identify South Florida as a contender in the Life Science race, and then to communicate the currently impressive reality and potential greatness of South Florida Life Sciences to both the local and the national audience. The current fragmentation of the community leads to multiple, often competing and even conflicting messages to different audiences, thereby diluting the messages, wasting resources and generally reducing the effectiveness of what is currently being done. A concerted effort for a coordinated campaign can greatly improve the effectiveness of the current expenditure and maximize the benefits to local businesses, governments and academia.

This plan outlines the goals and the basic principles on which such a campaign should be built. It identifies the messages, the target audiences and the strategy and tactics for the campaign and discusses the chances for synergy from following these in a coordinated fashion. It then lays out a specific set of actions that the region can take to execute such a campaign, showing how each will fit into the overall design and reinforce the effect of other actions. It also comments on the costs of such an effort, although a detailed budget will depend on choices to be made. Altogether, 42 activities are identified, comprising a list from which the specific plan can be chosen.

This plan is presented in two sections. Part 1, this section, supplies the details in a text format. Part 2 is a PowerPoint presentation of “spec creative” material that illustrates examples of what could be done, or is being done, to execute some of the proposed actions. Neither part is intended to be “complete” – our intention is to jump-start the process of coalescing a community, branding it, and promoting it. This is a start – a robust start, but just the beginning of what should emerge as an ongoing and powerful campaign.

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